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About RifOne — get to know us
In a region where music is dominated by piracy, RifOne comes to fill this gap by offering a legal music alternative in an enjoyable way while making sure to implement a model that fairly remunerates artists and labels.
Introducing RifOne: the future of digital music consumption and the first service of its kind in the Middle East & North Africa.
RifOne is the leading Music platform in the Middle East which provides a seamless experience to listen to unlimited music on-the-go on your mobile. With millions of songs to search from, stream, download and share, RifOne makes listening to music enjoyable again.
RifOne is your music hub from which you can instantly play any Arabic and International song or album wherever you are - in your car, at the gym, or on the beach. You can also discover new music from your favorite artists, share your favorite tracks in real-time with friends on social networks, and download as many songs as you’d like for offline play. Flights will never feel as long again!
Free unlimited music is now available with you anywhere you go, across devices and geographies. Now, that’s the future of music.

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